The new season is approaching!

We will be here again soon!

We are already working on the ideas we have from you!
You should not hesitate if you have questions, suggestions or recommendations.

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If you would like to donate to help develop the server, but would like to do so with a different method from those shown below, please contact us to provide you with the available alternative ways.
We would be really very appreciate to You!
All Names of donators that support evolving of the server will be added on here under on this page.

Revolut: @muonline
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We Thank the following people for their support:

Kaloyan I.
Stefan P.
Hristo H.
Peter A.
Daniel V.
Petio P.
Ivelin V.
Vladimir D.
Angel G.
Tsvetelin I.
Kristian N.
Mario V.
Nikolai K.