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1. It is forbidden to use hacks, bugs, patches, mods and any other forbidden programs!
2. Cheats and scam by /trade are forbidden! Take pictures of your deals so we can give you full assistance in case of abuse.
3. It is forbidden for you to lie for your rank like as Admin, Game Master or any other person on the server team!
4. Ban threats or warnings are forbidden!
5. Use of vulgar vocabulary and spam in /post chat is forbidden!
6. The intentional use of /trade or /party commands against an opponent in PK Event is prohibited!
7. Any signs of discrimination or racism are not tolerated!
8. Advertising on other servers is forbidden!
9. It is forbidden to request items and various services from administrators and game masters!
10. It is forbidden to use a vulgar dictionary against members of the server team!

In cases of violation of the above rules, violators will be punished. (Warning, Blocked Character, Blocked Account, Ban by IP Address or Network).

The staff of MuWar reserves the right to add
and edit the written rules at any time!

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