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Hall of Fame #19    [ Saturday 17 July on 21:00pm, EEST ]


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Server Information  
  Server Name MuWar
  Server Uptime
  Server Version 97d+99i
  Server Time Sunday, 25th July 17:55 PM EEST
  Server Experience 2500x
  Drop rate 50%
  Bless bug OFF
  Reset level 350
  Max level 350
  Max resets 77 (Every sunday at 22:00pm will rise with +3)
  New max resets 80 (Next rise after: 0d 4h 5m)
  Keep stats No
  Reset points (Blade Knight - BK) 330
  Reset points (Soul Master - SM) 360
  Reset points (Muse Elf - ME) 350
  Reset points (Magic Gladiator - MG) 380
  Reset Zen cost 0 zen.
  Reset Clear Items No
  Clear PK cost 5,000,000 zen. * Per Level
  Party Bonus Exp +35% exp.
  Max stats 32000
  Max item level +11, +16 add
  Max items excellent options 2
  Bonus points per quest 10
  Server events DS / BC / SkyEvent
  Golden Invasion Every 1 hour.
  Sky Event Every 2 hours.
  Spawns Pretty cool and everywhere
  AFK For credits Stay afk in Lorencia town and win 1 credit per hour.

Success Rates  
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck) 80%
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck) 95%
Jewel of Life Success Rate 70%
Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck) 70%
Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck) 70%
Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck) 90%
Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck) 85%
Wings 1 level Max Success Rate 100%
Wings 2 level Max Success Rate 95%
Dinorant Success Rate 100%

/addstr Add strength
/addagi Add agility
/addvit Add vitality
/addene Add energy
/pkclear Clear PK
/post Post message global chat.
/marry Can get Marry - Davias church cord: 209/16 | 210/16
/accept Accept offer to marry with you
/divorce Divorce your marry status
/charinfo Get info of your character
/questinfo Get info of your quests
/vipinfo Show your VIP status
/buyvip Buy a VIP status for 1 day. Cost 60 credits.
/move ::map name:: Move on maps
/trade Make a trade with character
/party Form a party with one or more characters
/guild Join a guild (Use on a guild master)
/re (on/off) Enable or disable requests for party, deals and trade

Server Information     

     Server Events     

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Sky Event
Golden Invasion
Lucky Mixes
Happy Hour