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Hall of Fame  [ Sun, 30 Jan. 2022 at 19:00 PM EET ]


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1. It is forbidden to change items and stats during the event.
2. It is forbidden to use buff before and during the event.
3. The use of Satans, angels, horses and dinosaurs is forbidden.
4. It is forbidden to use the left button to hit your opponent during the event.
5. It is forbidden to participate in the event if your character is not a maximum of resets.
6. It is forbidden to move from a place during a duel for races: BK, SM, ME. If a visual bug is present, the duel is stopped at the discretion of the lead GM / Admin.
7. To participate, you must become a killer with at least 3 murders before the event begins. You can use the feature on the site.
8. Any kind of preparation for the event, such as obtaining alcohol, flasks, etc. is done only before the event.
9. When has a disconnected opponent, we wait 1 minute to player appear and the duel is replayed from the beginning.
10. The duel is stopped if there is no result with a murder within 1 minute. Then measures are taken by removing one item from the players and continuing from the beginning. The only exceptions are MG - at Admin discretion can prohibited from moving from place or also at the discretion of the Admin could be prohibited from using Skill on the shield in the event. As a last resort, items could be removed if necessary at discretion of the Admin.
11. Each class has a certain blood limit. In case of exceeding you need to change your stats.
12. Prohibited spells that should not be used during HOF:
BK - Twisting Slash, Weapon Skill, Rageful Blow, Shield Skill
SM - Teleport, Lightning
ME - Ice Age
MG - Twisting Slash
13. Keep quiet, observe the necessary discipline and do not get into unnecessary arguments.
14. The Maximum HP each class can have is:
BK = 28900 Max HP (850 x 34 Resets) with included Swell Life
SM = 8500 Max HP (250 x 34 Resets)
ME = 15300 Max HP (450 x 34 Resets)
MG = 21080 Max HP (620 x 34 Resets)
15. Leaving the area of Hall of Fame event is prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.
16. All duels are held on principle 2 of 3;
All duel finals are held on principle 3 of 5;
17. If you have won 2 consecutive HoFs with the same hero, that hero must miss the next HoF!

In cases of violation of the above rules, violators will be removed from the event.

The staff of MuWar reserves the right to add
and edit the written rules at any time!

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