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Hall of Fame #9    [ Saturday 08 May on 21:00pm, EEST ]


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Marry Ranking
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Game Masters Hall Of Fame Soul Masters Blade Knights
Muse Elfs Magic Gladiators Blood Castle 6 Devil Square
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Marry Ranking

# Wife Husband
1 TomRis   [Muse Elf] Brownie   [Blade Knight]
2 MoPeHu   [Muse Elf] Th3GoD   [Blade Knight]
3 Jeanne   [Muse Elf] Ermenkov   [Blade Knight]
4 GOLIAT   [Muse Elf] ass3sinox   [Blade Knight]
5 DuFka   [Muse Elf] Ninjaz   [Blade Knight]
6 DontSayTnx   [Muse Elf] Wehrmacht   [Soul Master]
7 Putence   [Muse Elf] C0n7r0L   [Blade Knight]
8 Luna   [Muse Elf] Carrie   [Blade Knight]
9 Extacy   [Muse Elf] HYENA   [Blade Knight]
10 Buffer   [Muse Elf] AbusE   [Blade Knight]
11 SnowGrain   [Muse Elf] Elijah   [Magic Gladiator]
12 STAR   [Muse Elf] Chiko   [Magic Gladiator]

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